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    • icc-400x2001-300x150 Who employs international lawyers?

      International lawyers are not confined to working abroad, for inter-governmental organizations or multi-national law firms; although these sectors form a significant part of the international law job market. The growing reach of international law means that there are many more

    • networking-400x2001-300x150 Successful networking – the golden rules

      International law is a field where there are more law graduates looking for a job than there are jobs that need to be filled, competition is global and many applicants are highly-qualified and come with great experience. These realities make

    • video-conference How to: Succeed in a videoconference interview

      Video-conference interviews (often using Skype but also using specific video conferencing equipment) are very common in international law recruitment – the interviewer and interviewee can often be in different continents, and it is simply not practical to arrange in person

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